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Unlike most well know diseases for which thousands of scientists and hundreds of million of euros are being invested, too little funding is currently being dedicated to ALS research while so much needs to be discovered.

The only discovery in terms of therapeutic drug was Riluzole 14 years ago, in 1999. The molecule brings palliative effect on the respiratory capacity delaying by few months the setting of non invasive ventilation.

We can positively hope for significant progress in research if we really tackle the problem without restraint, by increasing research programs and bringing knowledge together.

Money is key and instrumental for accelerating research; it will eventually lead to saving lives.

Funding for Thierry’s Foundation has relied on his pragmatism. He set up the Foundation under the ageis of the Fondation de France and its equivalent abroad from June 2008.

This means that:

1.   The Foundation’s accounts are certified and are governed by the Fondation de France. All money donated to the Foundation is dedicated for research, administrations expenses are covered by the founder.

2.   Transnational gifts are welcomed through the Transnational Giving Europe Network. Donators can benefit from their own country rules for exemption of taxes. Please contact us to identify the Foundation partnering in your country.

Thierry Latran has already convinced a large number of donors and thanks them warmly.

More than 200 donors have already committed to invest up to 7 million Euros over the first 10 years. This represents a considerable amount and  we need to continue this effort if we want to have a significant impact in ALS research and find a cure.