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The Thierry Latran Foundation opened it’s 4th call for projects in November 2011 to help financing research to find a cure to ALS on the following topics:

“Biological markers, pathological pathways and mechanisms, therapeutic strategies, innovative molecules in the fields of ALS and protection of motor neurons.

Submission of clinical or patient centric/oriented research projects is particularly encouraged.”

The selection process took place in accordance with the procedure validated the Foundation.  December 19, 2011, deadline for abstracts submission, the Foundation had received 80 abstracts from 13 different countries.

Each Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee assessed independently the 80 abstracts taking into account their scientific quality but also ethical and safety issues, as well as their relevance for the objectives of the Foundation. These assessments have been consolidated anonymously. On the basis of this consolidation, a meeting of the Scientific Committee was held to finalize the selection for full application. During the process, the members of the Scientific Committee with a conflict of interest didn’t took part neither to the evaluation nor to any discussion. A conference call between the president of the Scientific Council, the founder and some members of the college B validated 23 projects to be submitted for full application.

The Scientific Advisory Board that we deeply thank for all the excellent work carried out was made up off:  


Wim Robberecht (University Hospital Leuven, Belgium) (President)

Caterina Bendotti (Mario Negri Institute of Milano, Italy)

Leonard H van den Berg (University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands)

Linda Greensmith (University College London, UK)

Eva Hedlund (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)

Albert Ludolph (University Hospital Ulm, Germany)

Séverine Boillée (Research Center of the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute of Paris, France)

Philippe Goliber (UCB, Belgium)

assisted by Elke Bogaert ( University Hospital Leuven, Belgium).

Each of the 23 files were analyzed by 2 independent referees specialized in the field of research and without any connection with the applicant. The members of the Scientific Committee also noted individually each project, then met formally on 24 may in Dublin. The files were distributed between the members of the Scientific Committee who prepared a summary of the project with the assessment of referees that they presented. At the end of the meeting, the Scientific Committee had classified the 23 projects into 3 groups A (strong recommendation of funding) B (recommended to fund according to the available budget projects) and C (not recommended for funding projects). The outcome of this selection was presented by the president Wim Robberecht to the Executive Committee for final decision and budget.

7 projects have been selected for a total amount of 946 000 € over 3 years.

Funding will start as early of September 2012, depending on the effective starting date of the research.

Selected projects:
1. RoCIP : Role of C9ORF72 in proteostasis
Kurt De Vos, England Grant : 122 000 €

2. Stress TDP43 : Does stress induced reduction of translationnal fidelity play a role in ALS ?
Boris Rogelj, Slovenia Grant : 50 000 €

3. iTwin : Identification of novel genetic risk factors for sporadic ALS by whole genome sequencing identical twins
Michael van Es, Netherlands Grant : 150 000 €

4. Blood-brain Barrier in ALS : Normalisation of the blood-brain barrier deficiency in ALS with inhibitors of the platelet-derived growth factor pathway
Ulf Eriksson, Sweden Grant : 160 000 €

5. Promises : PROton Spectroscopy Metabolomics In ALS Serum and CSF
Martin Turner, England Grant : 143 000 €

6. SpastALS : Muscle spasms in ALS and PLS: understanding the mechanisms and treating the symptoms
Luc Dupuis, France Grant : 193 000 €

7. OM-MN therapeutics :  Identfication of oculomoteur-restricted genes with motor neuron protective properties for the development of ALS therapeutics
Stefania Corti, Italy Grant : 128 000 €