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The Thierry Latran Foundation initiated its first call for projects for an aggregate amount of € 1 million as from January 5th, 2009; this grant call is aimed at fostering and promoting research in the field of ALS in the following areas:

  • Biological markers;
  • Pathological pathways and mechanisms;
  • Therapeutic strategies;
  • Innovative molecules.

This first call for projects demonstrate the aims of the Founder, the Donors, the Executive Committee of the Foundation and of the Scientific Advisory Board to significantly boost and coordinate research into ALS at a European level

Selection Process:

On 9 February 2009, deadline to submit abstracts, the Foundation received 77 abstracts, coming from 14 different countries.

Each member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) evaluated the 77 abstracts taking into account their respective scientific merits as well as any issues regarding ethical questions, medical safety and their compatibility with the Foundation’s objectives. This evaluation ended by a selection of 14 abstracts to submit a full dossier.

The 14 full grant applications were assessed by 2 independent referees and by each SAB member. A formal meeting took place on 17 June 2009 and decided to propose 8 projects for financing. The executive committee of Thierry Latran Foundation met on 25 June 2009 and approved the SAB proposals.

  • 8 projects selected
  • Global amount granted: 1 411 500 for 3 years
  • € 529 000 for the 1st year, € 501 500 for the 2nd year and € 382 000 for the 3rd year

Selected projects

1) Novel gene therapy approach….
P. Aebischer, Switzerland and C. Raoul, France
Grant € 210 000

2)  Characterization of the biochemical and biophysical properties …
C. Behl, A. Clement, Germany
Grant € 50 000

3) Study of the interactions between the macrophages/microglial cells and motor neurons…
S. Boillée, France
Grant € 275 000

4) Study of mitochondrial function…
MT. Carri, Italy
Grant € 100 000

5) Investigating the role of Tdp43…
E. Fisher, England
Grant € 100 000

6) Contribution of Metabolic Dysfunction…
JP. Loeffler and PF. Pradat, France
Grant € 240 000

7) Translational research into the role of the ephrin system….
P. Van Damme, Belgium
Grant € 336 500

8) Role of the PGC-1a …
P. Weydt, K Braunstein
Grant € 100 000