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The second call for projects was granted with an aggregate amount up to 1 million €.

The topics were :

  • Biological markers, pathological pathways and mechanisms, therapeutic strategies, innovative molecules in the fields ALS and protection of motor neurons
  • with an  additional specific topic  on Stem cells therapeutic approaches in ALS

The  Foundation received 50 abstracts from all over Europe

Each Scientific Advisory Board ( SAB) member evaluated each abstract independently. Based on the consolidation, SAB met to propose a selection to the Bureau of the Foundation. 14 projects were selected for a full application.

The full application was assessed by  two independent referees , their evaluation was presented by one SAB members to the other during a specific meeting. Projects have been ranked in A, B or C following the procedure. SAB president presented the SAB proposal to  the Executive Committee.

At the end 9 projects are selected

8 projects granted (1 project obtained a grant in between)

Overall amount granted 911 000 €  over 2 years

Grantees were informed in July 2010.

Grants started in September depending on the effective start of the project.
Projects selected and granted :

1) ALS-iPSC : Human motor neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells: a new approach for modeling and treating human sporadic ALS
Delphine Bohl , France
Grant: 160 000€

2) STEMALS II : G-CSF in ALS: from mice to humans
Iliana Carron  / Caterina Bendotti , Italy
Grant: 70 000 €

3) ALSSTEM: Modeling ALS with patient-derived pluripotent stem cells
Niels Geijsen, The Netherlands
Grant: 60 000€

4) BORG: Restoration of respiratory motor function through optogenetics neural implants
Ivo Lieberam, England
Grant: 80 000€

5) ALS/ androgen/ IGF-1 : Interplay between Androgenic/Anabolic Steroid and IGF-1 Signaling in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Maria Pennuto, Italy
Grant: 125 000€

6) Transgenic Zebrafish: Utilization of features of the early disease phenotypes in a zebrafish model of ALS for pharmacological screening to detect small molecule neuroprotective compounds
Tennore M Ramesh, England
Grant: 30 000€

7) Mod-FUS: Creation and characterization of in vitro and in vivo models to investigate the pathogenic mechanism of mutant FUS/TLS
Ludo Van Den Bosch, Belgium
Grant: 150 000€

8) Functional characterization of two novel susceptibility loci in sporadic ALS
Jan H. Veldink, The Netherlands
Grant: 200 000€