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The 2nd scientific meeting of the Foundation took place in the Hanover Medical school on May 12th and 13th 2011 before the 9th  ENCALS ( European Network for the Cure of ALS) meeting hosted by Pr Reinhard Dengler and Pr Susanne Petri.  A joint session took place on Friday with an invited speaker : Dr Philip A. Goliber, VP, Strategy and Portfolio at UCB . He  developed  the challenges of Pharma R&D and Drug Discovery in Orphan and Rare Diseases; a productive debate followed his lecture.



Program of the meeting

Thursday 12 May

Presentations by grantees of round 2009:


  • 14 h: Translational research into the role of the ephrin receptor EphA4 in the pathogenesis of ALS
Philip Van Damme
  • 14.30 h: Pathological neuro-immune interactions between the macrophages/microglial cells and the affected motor neurons in animal models of ALS
Severine Boillée
  • 15 h: Role of TDP43 in motor neurons through studying a unique Tdp43 mutant mouse
Elizabeth Fisher
  • 15.30 h: Novel gene therapy approach for motoneuron disease through broad delivery of death signalling inhibitors by astrocytes
Cédric Raoul
  • 16.30 h: Rescue of mitochondrial damage: new therapeutic strategies
Maria Teresa Carri
  • 17 h: Contribution of Metabolic Dysfunction to ALS Pathogenesis
Jean-Philippe Loeffler
  • 17.30 h: Role of the PGC-la system in the pathogenesis of ALS
Patrick Weydt
  • 18 h: TLF: status and perspectives
V de Broglie, TLF director


Programme du Vendredi 13 Mai


Maria Pennuto

Maria Pennuto

Presentations by grantees of round 2010: 


  • 8.30 h: Interplay between Androgenic/Anabolic Steroid and IGF-1 Signaling in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Maria Pennuto


  • 9 h : Utilization of features of the early disease phenotypes in a zebrafish model of ALS for pharmacological screening to detect small molecule neuroprotective compounds.
Tennore M Ramesh         


  • 9.30h : Creation and characterization of in vitro and in vivo models to investigate the pathogenic mechanism of mutant FUS/TLS
Ludo Van Den Bosch      


  • 10h : Functional characterization of two novel susceptibility loci in sporadic ALS
Jan H. Veldink      


  • 11h : Human motor neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells: a new approach for modeling and treating human sporadic ALS
Delphine Bohl

Year 1 of 2


  • 11.30h :  G-CSF in ALS: from mice to humans
Caterina Bendotti

Year 1 of 1


  • 12h : Modeling ALS with patient-derived pluripotent stem cells
Niels Geijsen

Year 1 of 1


  • 12.30h : Restoration of respiratory motor function through optogenetics neural implants
Ivo Lieberam