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The annual scientific meeting


One of the primary goals of the Foundation is to encourage and facilitate interaction between research groups involved in ALS research in Europe.

Therefore, to promote such interaction and collaboration, the Foundation will organize and fund an annual meeting of all grantees whose research is currently supported. In addition to the principal investigator of the project, the Foundation will also finance the participation of one researcher involved in the project.

In this meeting, chaired by the chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), the principal investigator of each project will be presenting:

the first year, the project

the following years, the progress report

the last year, the outcomes of the project.

Each presentation is open for question and discussion. Researchers can thus exchange on the problems they are facing, seek solutions and challenge their point of views. Presentation of the results include all results even the non published ones.

In order to promote and encourage open discussion of unpublished data, the confidential character of these meetings should be strictly adhered to.

Strict rules for avoiding conflict interest shall apply on a case by case basis.

The SAB members will then meet to evaluate the progress of the projects.  For long term projects, second (and eventually third) year funding is subject to the SAB approval following the progress presentation.


In addition, when the project is completed, the researcher will send a scientific and a financial report before the annual meeting. Results will be evaluated by the SAB with a feedback for the researcher.

The report and its evaluation are also given to the Executive Committee of the Foundation.

Attendance of the principal investigator during all the meeting and presentation of the funded research project including unpublished data are mandatory conditions.

Grantees that won’t comply to those rules and with the confidentiality ones will not be considered for further funding by the Foundation.

This meeting is considered a priority for the Foundation to reach its strategic aims.