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49 researchers participated to the presentation of the 15 projects currently financed by the Foundation.

The annual scientific meeting of the Thierry Latran Foundation enable the Scientific Council to precisely follow the progress of the selected projects but what’s in it for the researchers? An additional meeting to attend when agenda is already full ?

We asked Professor Bettina Schmidt, researcher at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases , Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, who participated for the first time.

“It is my first year of funding by the Thierrry Latran Foundation and I was already very pleased that the Foundation invites not only the PIs but also the PhDs to a joint meeting.  It not only motivated my student a lot but also put her work in a bigger context. She came back very inspired and motivated working with great enthusiasm on her project.

The selection of the funded project is extremely well balanced that a wide range of different aspects of ALS research are covered.  AMDublin WR

Personally I benefited most by personally meeting my colleagues and even starting a new collaboration with Dr. Lewandowski. With two more colleagues we discovered synergies that we can use for our both of our research projects.

The format of the meeting supported communication and gave perfect platform for making new contacts, discover synergies in research and initiate collaborations. It generated a sense of community and inspired me.

I truly enjoyed the meeting a lot and am looking forward to the next meeting!! ”

5 over 15 presentations refered to finished projects :  


Pr Daniel Zytnicki will pursue his work in 2015 with a new grant



Dr Sebastian Lewandowski who presented the results of his project related to BloodBrainBareer that will be published soon


Pr Martin Turner whose results on neurofilaments help finding a pronostic biomarker

AMDublin KdeVos

Pr Kurt De Vos, his project gives new insights for understanding of the role of  C9ORF protein

AMDublin J Prehn

Pr Jochen Prehn presenting the outcome of his research leading to a pharmaceutical development






As our objective is to contribute to the progress of a search for a treatment, the Thierry Latran Foundation thanks the Scientific Advisory Board for the importance of their work.

AMDublin programme