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Presentation of the projects currently funded and close monitoring.

photo groupe leuven

Leuven: 5th annual Scientfic meeting of the Thierry Latran Foundation

Our one and only goal being to contribute finding a cure for ALS, we keep a close eye on selected projects projects during the annual meeting. The 5th annual meeting took place in Leuven ( Belgium) in May 2014.

Robberecht Wim 2

Pr Wim Robberecht chaired the presentations and led the discussions.

54 researchers presented their work and how far they have advanced in their research.




The Scientfic Advisory Board listen very carefully to each presentation.  

meeting 7

Pr Leonard Van den Berg

Hedlung et Egelbjerg



Dr Jan Egebjerg and Pr Eva Hedlund


Boillée S et Greensmith L

Pr Linda Greensmith and Dr Séverine Boillée

Bendotti C

Pr Caterina Bendotti




A Ludolph and Pr Albert Ludolph

on the right side of the picture




This rigorous follow-up notably allows the publication of results in record time. Out of the total amount of 17 finalised projects, 16 have already given rise to peer-reviewed publications in top-ranked journals, a necessary condition so that the works may be utilized in a future regulatory dossier, the final objective of the Foundation.

As our objective is to contribute to the progress of a search for a treatment, the Thierry Latran Foundation thanks the SAB for the importance of their work.

2014 TLF meeting  programme