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Why do they need to benefit from donation?


BOHL Delphine

There are not enough laboratories in Europe that are interested in ALS today, due to lack of financing new position or new experiments. The Thierry Latran Foundation helps those teams in their work in order to accelerate research. This support is essential in order to develop new research, only way to hope finding a cure.

 Delphine Bohl, PhD, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France 



The specific interest of the Thierry Latran Foundation is the ability to bring together scientists from all over Europe in the unique goal of making progress in SLA research. Selection of the projects is done after a thorough expertise by well-known scientists in order to choose the innovative projects that can help developing new therapeutic approaches. TLF contributes to the awareness of the disease in Europe helping current research programs to be identify by patients and family and bringing the necessary financing to develop research

Séverine Boillée, PhD, Research Center of the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute, Paris, France 



“Research has not provided a solution for ALS yet. This only means that we must multiply our efforts and try to move a step forward, from mechanisms to therapy. This step, unluckily, is extremely expensive.This is why I am grateful to the Fondation Thierry Latran, and to givers, and why I encourage them to give more and as soon as possible, to speed up our research.”

Maria Teresa Carri, PhD, Professor, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy


Clement“To be successful, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research needs a cohort of enthusiastic, determined and talented researchers as well as a substantial amount of money. Foundations like that of Thierry Latran with the support of the scientific board provide the basis for a highly needed cooperative research that is usually not supported by national funding agencies. Furthermore, the Thierry Latran Foundation supports research that is innovative and partially not along the mainstream thinking. This, indeed, will hopefully lead to a potent therapy for ALS.”

Albrecht Clement, PhD, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany



Our project aims to generate patient-derived stem cells to identify novel diagnostic markers that will enable earlier detection of ALS. In addition, we aim to to identify new drug compounds that can prevent or delay motor neuron degeneration in ALS patients. The grant from the Latran Foundation provides us with essential funding to initiate this project and generate preliminary data, with which we hope to secure additional funds to carry this project in the long term

Niels Geijsen, PhD, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands 



“A large part of the research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is supported by individual ALS charities in each country, and as researchers we are dependent on funding from these charities and their hardworking fundraisers.  The Thierry Latran Foundation is unique in that it is pan-European and so enables European researchers to work together and gain essential funding to try to understand, and ultimately treat, this relentless disease, a disease that could affect any one of us.”

Elizabeth Fisher, Professor , UCL Institute of Neurology, UK  



Our laboratory could not develop new research programs without the support of various funding agencies; therefore we want to acknowledge the Thierry Latran Foundation allowing us to move a significant step forward on the basis of the promising results that we already obtained.

Jean Philippe Loeffler, PhD, U692 INSERM faculté de médecine de Strasbourg, France


“We are especially thankful to the Thierry Latran Foundation for trusting and supporting our project. This grant is encouraging us in pursuing our working hypothesis to the final goal to better understand the pathogenesis of ALS and to design novel and more appropriate therapeutic strategies.”

Maria Pennuto, PhD, Italian Institute of Technology Genova, Italy



“ALS research with the Thierry Latran Foundation is strongly enhanced. Il gives to European researchers, who are in general still the bests in the world, the support to test their ideas in order to better understand the disease to find a cure.”

Roland Pochet, PhD, Professor, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium



By supporting our research, the Thierry Latran Foundation has enabled our team to being working on a novel approach to the treatment of ALS. The importance of giving to charities such as the TFL has never been greater. It is therefore essential that charities such as the Thierry Latran Foundation, that funds research into ALS, continue to be supported by those in a position to do so, who, by continuing to give, become part of the solution to this devastating disease.

Ivo Lieberam, PhD, King’s College London, UK 



Non-profit foundations such as Foundation Thierry Latran are the major stewards and the only hope of building a cohesive team of scientists and governmental bodies to bring the critical support for therapy development in MND.

The Foundation serves as pillars of support and creates the necessary environment by funding disease specific, high risk and therapy driven projects that are generally difficult to get funded by traditional means.  They also serve to effectively manage research goals that are primarily aligned with the interest of patients with MND.

Having worked in the for- profit world, non-profit world and now in academia, I can clearly say that financial support to foundations like FTL from donors are the critical life line to enable progress in MND research and to ultimately find a treatment to delay, arrest or reverse the disease in these patients.

Tennore Ramesh, MS, PhD University of Sheffield, UK


Raoul C

“The creation by Thierry Latran of a research Foundation dedicated to promote and finance research in ALS is a very important initiative. The great numbers of candidates for each call for projects demonstrate the value of such external funding programs, which are nowadays powerful drivers for experimental and clinical research projects. Progress in understanding physiopathology and in developing new therapeutic tools would be significantly delayed without those funding”

Cédric Raoul, PhD, Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France


Van Damme

“Government funding is often hard to come by and, because ALS is a relatively rare disease, there are not many private sponsors. The funding offered by the Latran Foundation for research into ALS is therefore a unique initiative, which is highly needed and particularly welcome for the ALS research community. I hope that this initiative will develop.”

Philip Van Damme, MD, PhD, University Hospital Leuven, Belgium 


Van den Bosch

“The research grant provided by ‘Fondation Thierry Latran’ is crucial to continue our research on ALS. With the money provided, we are getting new insights into the pathological mechanism and new models to screen drugs that stop and/or cure ALS. All together, I am convinced that investing money in scientific research is the only way to find a cure for this dreadful disease. There is no alternative!”

Ludo Van Den Bosch, MB, PhD, K University of Leuven and VIB, Belgium



“We are very fortunate that the Latran Foundation shares our sharp focus on therapy-relevant research and is so successful in raising funding for a cure for ALS. Finding a cure for this devastating disease is a daunting task, but with – and only with !  -powerful and therapy-focused support, such as that provided by Thierry Latran and the Latran Foundation it can be done!”

Patrick Weydt, PhD, University of Ulm, Germany